Our Story

What is the story behind the name Honest Elephant?

‘Honest Elephant’ is anchored by two principles that were paramount to my upbringing; integrity and gratitude. My late father was steadfast in his belief that integrity is a prerequisite to living the most authentic, successful and robust life. Similarly, there was a profound emphasis on gratitude which was heavily rooted in our Buddhist upbringing and believed to be a precursor for happiness and good fortune in one’s life.    

As a tribute to those values I chose the symbol of an elephant as a part of the Honest Elephant brand which is symbolic for strength, honor, tenacity, happiness, longevity and wisdom. These are values we deliver to our clients through premium apparel.

We have embedded these values into the ethos of the company at Honest Elephant and continue to make this the bedrock of our company’s philosophy. We place a lot of emphasis on compassion, community and philanthropy. We embody these beliefs in our quality products and services.

“One of my most fond childhood memories was visiting an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka and realizing how tender, loving and united the herd of elephants were to one another. They had such strong familial ties and my only wish at the time was that one day my own family could replicate the level of loyalty these gracious animals showed to me as a little girl –  I now want every family to feel that strength of love through my apparel”

– Founder, Honest Elephant Ltd.