Our Founder

I belong to a family of five. My parents escaped their conflict-afflicted homeland to settle in Canada in pursuit of a “better life”. They worked tirelessly to provide for their children but money was often never enough. We survived on a meager income for the large majority of my childhood and lived out of a small apartment above a laundromat. To most, our future seemed bleak but through my parent’s hard work, determination, hands-on parenting, strong spirituality and empowering principles we were able to break barriers and succeed against all odds.

Today, we have transformed into three self-sufficient, contributing members of society - a Venture Capitalist and part-owner of the Golden State Warriors, a Lawyer and legal counsel for one of Canada’s most prominent hospitals, and myself, an Entrepreneur, former Director of Marketing and Masters of Communications Graduate.

Often, people ask us what propelled our change and inspired our sense of drive and ambition and I always reply that much of it stemmed from our parent’s belief in us as well as their relentless guidance. There was a strong emphasis on meditation, cultivating mental control, self-control and resilience in my household which inevitably impacted our world-view. When analyzed critically, mental strength and resilience were the two pillars of our success and heavily influenced by our Buddhist upbringing.

Honest Elephant Ltd. merges these two worlds together - apparel with mindful expressions. I sincerely believe that every child has the opportunity to overcome adversity and obstacles such as we did. A strong understanding of self, the world around us, and being able to see the silver lining in challenging situations will one day yield positive results.

"What better way for children to adopt valuable life skills than to wear them - I believe that once a child wears a particular word or saying it becomes a part of their psyche and subconscious. It manifests itself in real life because the words we teach them to become their inner dialogue. The mind-body connection is extremely strong and children are the most receptive to new habits during their formative years so why not make it positive and impactful.” – Founder, Honest Elephant Ltd.

Message from Our Founder

For the past few months, I have been working on a business. One that is rooted in principles near to my heart and learned primarily from my Buddhist upbringing. A way to produce children's apparel that is minimalist, stylish and empowering while still maintaining an urban edge.

I sourced all of our shirts and onesies from a North American manufacturer to ensure they were made in an ethical, sweat-shop-free and child-labour-free environment and partnered with other extremely talented young women who could fuel their creativity and bring an idea to life.

As much as I'd like to say this venture is about me, that couldn't be further from the truth. It's centred around the premise of 'enclothed cognition' which is a concept researchers have proven works - what we wear is proven to be who we will become. And in an age where hate, bigotry and discord often seem like the mainstay, it felt particularly important to create clothes which could uplift and ignite the souls of children...After all, they are our future and we could always use more love + light 

Thank you to our friends and family who always support us in everything we do, we have the utmost gratitude. With almost a week away until the official launch of the website I felt it was time to give a 'sneak peek' and ask you to kindly follow us on Instagram: @honestelephant.ltd

"Tell your kids they can, and they will"

-Honest Elephant Ltd.


What Research says:

Research has proven that clothing has a huge effect on our overall self-esteem and confidence. Putting on different clothes create different thoughts and mental processes. Researchers have coined this term as “enclothed cognition” and it refers to the symbolic meaning that the apparel is associated to.


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